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How to create a Guild in EQ2
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I am looking for insight.   For the past two years I've been pretty johnny-on-the-spot at keeping up with EQII information, but unfortunately the last few months have been hectic.  I would like to know if anyone has the definitive on how to create a guild, post release.   My guild and I are anxious to get started, and would like to know if anyone can tell us what it will take.
From what I remember, we need at least six people, all citizens of the given city.
Does it require money as well?
I appreciate any answers you may have.


If your going to FP you need to look on your map for the Furniture Store in East Freeport, right near there is The Observer (shop), the Guild Registar is in there.  It is initiated like a quest, you will need....
1) 6 members in your party (they have to be Qeynos/Freeport residents).
2) None of the 6 members can be in another guild at the time of formation.
3) 60 pieces of silver
 Quest Complete.
 Not sure where the Guild Register is in Qeynos, i'm not good so......


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